Afrah® Exclusive by Salma Masta (PC0013601-A) is a company founded in 2014 and based in Kedah, Malaysia. AE is the brand that known with the up to date trend of bridal accessories such as crowns, veils, and many more. AE is currently growing from time to time to be one of the most valued and rated brand for our lovers.

We are so glad to announce that we also provide the scarves and women clothes. We offer an opportunity for our lovers to appear with an enchanting looked yet keep remain the modest and elegant of our lovers.

Our Founder

Our founder Normirah Mastar is the icon for Afrah Exclusive who loves the most up trending and adorable bridal accessories. Currently, Afrah Exclusive runs together with our co-founder which is Ahmad ‘Afif Hamid.

Our Passion

The word AFRAH (أفراح) carries the meaning “happiness” is rooted from the Arabic word Faraha (فرح) which means “happy”.

Along with our passion to spread joy and happiness to all beloved customers.